HVAC and Weeds

Most people tend to take the HVAC system for granted. They forget to maintain it properly. Usually, they skip annual HVAC cleaning maintenance. God forbid changing an HVAC filter once in a while. If they tend to neglect the usual HVAC choirs, what else do they tend to forget? Perhaps the outdoor HVAC unit? It is probably all grown in weeds.

Weeds Should Not Be Inside the Outdoor HVAC Unit

Besides looking ugly, weeds should not be found inside the outdoor HVAC unit. The outdoor HVAC unit needs equal care and professional maintenance as the indoor unit.

If weeds are blocking the fan, the system will not be able to produce a good airflow. That means your A/C will have a shorter lifespan and less efficiency.TO ensure HVAC efficiency, you should trim all the weeds around your outdoor HVAC unit. There should be no plants around it, not even decorative ones. The path to the outdoor unit should be easily accessible. It is best to surround your unit with a bed of pebbles. To prevent anything from accessing it, you should build some kind of wooden cover that will provide shade and protection. Lawn mowing and leaf blowing are also helpful.

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