HVAC and Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is a huge deal these days. Everyone wants to give it a try. After all, a well-built and healthy body isn’t going to shape up just like that. You got to sweat for it. Pair yoga with a sauna vibe, and you make yourself a match made in heaven.

Since hot yoga has its controversy, it is best to plan the construction of such a workout space meticulously to avoid any health hazards. Apart from the obvious – heating source, you’ll be going to need the following things:


An ideal environment for hot yoga is a comfortable space with bamboo floors, painted in sooting woody tones, combined with a perfectly functioning HVAC system.

HVAC System

You don’t want to breathe the stale hot air, so pay attention to filters and replace them regularly. Also, make sure you call your local HVAC cleaning company to schedule a duct cleaning.


Apart from HVAC, you have to buy a humidifier, preferably with plenty of aromatherapy essential oils. That way, you will create a perfect zen atmosphere.

Word of advice: choose your space, HVAC contractor, and HVAC cleaning company wisely.

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