HVAC and Beer

Nowadays, we can stumble upon HVAC systems almost everywhere. We have them in our homes, garages, cafes, movies, hospitals, schools, and even in the places where we can not imagine they would be, like horse stables. An HVAC system is also helpful in the food and drink industry, where it helps preserve our delicious nourishment.

Such delicious nourishment is beer. A favorite alcoholic beverage, especially in the hot summer months. The technique of brewing beer dated before BCE, when Babylonians made it from barley. The recipe survived through the ages and evolved to the point where we have it in many versions. Now, making a beer is considered art. But what does it take to make art? Love, skills, lots and lots of working hours, and a properly functioning HVAC system.

HVAC and Brewing

When it comes to HVAC and beer, the story gets complicated. It is not enough to turn up your cooler to keep your brew cold in the summer months. Making beer is complex and requires precise heating and cooling temperatures. The ideal beer fermentation temperature varies between 40 to 70 °F, so it would be perfect to set the room temperature to match the fermentation temperature. Different type of beer requires different brewing temperatures, ergo, different room temperatures.

If you want to make a perfect beer, you should pay attention to the details. Never let your HVAC get broken or dirty. Consider regular HVAC cleaning maintenance at least twice a year, and your beer would be just the right taste.


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