HVAC in Horse Stable

Pay attention to cleaning ventilation

If you are an equestrian enthusiast, the most enjoyable part, horse riding, would not be as good as you have imagined if your horse isn’t happy. First of all, you’ll have to create a friendly bond with your horse. Second, the stables have to be regularly maintained and in an immaculate state. Nobody likes to feel the pungent smell of ammonia when entering the stables, let alone spending days in such a filthy environment. Besides cleaning stables, you should pay attention to cleaning ventilation as well.The goal of ventilation is to provide clean, fresh air equally to the people and their pets. A well-ventilated stable will provide fresh air, making space cool and comfortable for living. Ventilation is needed to remove moisture, dust, heat, ammonia, and pathogens and let the fresh air inside. What would also help is opening the windows and stable doors more frequently.

Good ventilation will maintain your horse’s respiratory system. An only healthy horse is a happy horse.

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