HVAC terminology – what you should know

Talking about HVAC can make you feel a bit confused if you are not an expert. Don’t worry, that is quite normal. HVAC terms can sound pretty complex, so we have a guide for you. Keep reading to see which are the most commonly used terms related to HVAC you should know.


Let’s start from the beginning. HVAC is an acronym and it stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. This acronym is used to name the whole system, and sometimes it’s written exactly like that – HVAC System.


Now, this may look intimidating, especially when you see a number next to it. AFUE is Average Fuel Utilization Efficiency. We use this term concerning the efficiency of gas or oil furnace. The previously mentioned number is actually the percentage of the amount of energy required to heat your home. The higher the percentage, the less wasted energy you have. So, a good HVAC should have a high AFUE.

3) Condenser

This part is related to your cooling system. As you probably already know, the cooling system has two parts – the indoor unit, and the outdoor unit. The condenser is the outdoor part of the system – that’s the metal box with the fan inside. It’s extremely important to keep an eye on that part, as a lot of things can get into the fan and block it. We got more details on that topic in our HVAC spring preparation guide.Hopefully this guide cleared the air a bit, considering the HVAC terminology. It’s good to know the terms when you are scheduling the seasonal maintenance, or cleaning with the professional crew.

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