Questions to ask about HVAC when getting a new home

Buying a place is a huge step in life, but it’s also a big gap in your budget. When you are searching for a new home, and it happens to have HVAC, you have one less thing to worry about. Here are some questions you should ask agents or previous owners considering the HVAC.

1) When was the HVAC installed

The first, and probably the most important question, is when was the system installed. You should also ask about the type of HVAC, as there are various models and types.

2) Did previous owners call maintenance regularly

The quality of HVAC’s service also depends on the maintenance and regular checkups, amongst other things.
Make sure you know when was the last time previous owners called the maintenance service, cleaned the system, and how often did they do it. If you are settled down on buying the place, write down those pieces of information on a piece of paper and keep it just in case.

3) Which type of energy source does the system use

The air conditioning part is usually powered by electricity, but the heating part can have a couple of options, so make sure you ask that as well.

Whatever you decide for your new home, make sure you call professionals to clean the HVAC. There are various reasons for cleaning before you move in.

Contact us for service and enjoy your new place.

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