Top 3 Pet-HVAC-Related Chores

Pets are our best friends. Beautiful, loving beings that are always glad to see us. Besides cats and dogs that are the most common pets, birds and fish are popular too. You probably have a pet or two if you are a pet lover. Although we have an uncanny love for them, we also have to take care of the least popular pet-related job – hygiene maintenance. A clean and healthy pet means a clean and healthy home.

1. Clean their paws after a walk

Whether it is a bright sunshiny day or a cold and rainy day, your pet will always find a way to get dirty. After a long day spent in the park, their paws can get wet, dusty, and muddy. Always have wet wipes at you. It is the best and the quickest solution to clean them up. That way, you will minimize the amount of dirt and debris at your home and in your HVAC system.

2. Brush them regularly

By brushing your pet, you are preventing its hair get into the ducts. It is best to brush them outside. If you can’t go outside for some reason, you can always brush your pet in a bathtub. That way, you can always wash out the excess hair. No matter how frequently you brush your pet, the hair will always find its way into ducts. That is why it’s important not to skip your annual HVAC cleaning appointment.

3. Vacuum the house more frequently

Vacuuming is paramount for maintaining clean indoor space. It is even more crucial if you have a pet. Regular vacuuming eliminates pet hair, dust, debris, specs of dirt, dust mites. It is recommended to vacuum at least three times per week if you are a pet owner.

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