HVAC on Valentines Day

There are many ways to give your HVAC system a little love on Valentine’s day. Do not let your daily errands stand in your way to do something good for you and your household.

1. Change the filters

Your HVAC system needs to work well. If the filter is dirty, then the air you breathe is polluted. Also, the system will consume more energy which will reflect on your energy bill. Treat your HVAC with a brand new filter and yourself with fresh air.

2. Schedule HVAC cleaning

Dust and debris tend to gather in ducts over time which causes the HVAC system to work harder to produce the wanted effect. Besides dust and debris, other things tend to get lost in ducts. Try to make time and schedule a cleaning appointment with your local HAVC cleaning company.

3. Decorate your unit

There is a ton of beautiful Valentine’s day decorations. Choose something interesting to decorate the parts of your HVAC unit as well. For example, red ribbons and bows would be perfect around vents decoration.

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