Should I Clean My HVAC System Every Month?

We have received so many questions from you lately. The majority of them are related to how frequently should you clean your HVAC system? Some of you are wondering whether to do it monthly, some of you are thinking of doing it every other month. The answer is that there is no one general rule that applies to HVAC cleaning. The only important thing is to remember to clean your system at least twice a year. If you consider doing it more frequently, it would only be better for indoor air quality and health. On the other hand, if you forget to schedule annual HVAC cleaning, it could affect the indoor air quality and cause many respiratory system health complications.

We can provide you with the HVAC cleaning timetable to make it easier to track the principal HVAC cleaning dates. That way, you will never skip the date, and you will know with certainty that the air you breathe is clean and healthy.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
Changing a filter Annual HVAC cleaning at late March Changing a filter
Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Changing a filter Annual HVAC cleaning
in early October
Changing a filter

Regular maintenance is extremely important. Call us if your HVAC is ready for cleaning.

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