What Is An Emergency Heat?

The Emergency heat setting on your thermostat can be a lifesaver in frigid climates.

Heat pumps have limitations, such as an inability to warm the house when the outdoor unit freezes. Then the emergency heating option comes to the rescue! But what is this setting, and how to use it?

How To Use The Emergency Heat Setting?

You might be tempted to run this setting by turning it on yourself, but we don’t recommend doing that. The system turns it on automatically when needed. You should only manually turn on the backup heat system if you’re having trouble with your heat pump. When your system switches to Emergency Heat, a red indicator light will let you know.As a result, the system will run more like a traditional heating system than a heat pump. That means it will now start generating heat instead of transferring it.

Be Careful With This Setting

Emergency Heat is a variant heating source your heat pump uses when it cannot keep up with your heating needs or breaks down.

While many people switch this system on whenever they feel that the temperatures outside are too low, this is not wise since the EM Heat system is more expensive than a traditional heat pump. Therefore, to keep using your system efficiently, only use this setting when your primary heat source is non-functional. If you have additional questions, do not hesitate to call us.

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