Keep Your Home Comfortable During Winter

Is it possible to keep a home comfortable during winter and also save energy?
Of course! Relax in your warm room because we bring you tips to fully enjoy it!

Check Vents

Yes, we have talked about this many times. Changing your air filters regularly is extremely important. Make sure dust is cleared away from inside vents as well as the outdoor unit.

Check Exhaust Vents

Checking exhaust vents can help you detect the problem early, especially if you have a gas furnace. In that case, check if there are any leaks or odors which indicate possible damage to the heat exchanger which can cause carbon monoxide to enter your home.

Open Blinds and Drapes

Even if it’s winter, it is natural for the sunlight to slightly warm your rooms. If you are away from home for the whole day and your window gets direct sunlight, leave the blinds open. This will keep your house warm without burning through your heater.

If you need winter maintenance for your HVAC system don’t hesitate to call the professionals! We are only a call away!

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