HVAC Energy Saving Tips for Winter

Time flies. One moment you are sunbathing next to the pool, the next, you shop for a winter coat. Before it gets too cold, prepare your HVAC system. You can save a great deal of money on your energy bill if you follow some of these energy-saving tips.

1. Keep the thermostat at 68 degrees

A 68 degrees Fahrenheit is quite enough to feel comfortable and save some energy. If you want additional savings, lower the temperature overnight and when you go out.

2. Placing of the thermostat is important

It is best to set the thermostat in the living room since you spend the most time in it. Avoid placing the thermostat in the direct sunlight, also near the windows and doors.

3. Get an energy audit

Thanks to the energy audit, you will be able to detect all points in your home where you have a draft. It would be best to insulate those places to prevent warm air from getting out.

4. Schedule an HVAC cleaning appointment

Only the well-maintained HVAC system can be energy efficient so remember to change your filter and clean it regularly.
If you think your HVAC needs cleaning call the specialists today!

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