HVAC in the Morning

If you live in someplace with a warm climate, you probably run your AC 24/7 to cool down your space. It is perfectly normal to set the thermostat to 79 degrees when the outside temperature varies from 65 to 90 degrees. But what about in the morning? Should you turn the AC off in the early morning when it is still cool outside?

The answer is YES. You should turn off your AC in the morning. Here are a couple of reasons:

1. Save on your energy bill

Turning your AC off in the morning will conserve energy and save you money on your energy bill. Make sure you don’t leave it off for a long time because the indoor temperature will constantly rise and cause you trouble when you come back home. It will consume more energy to cool the home off. So, before you leave home, make sure you program your thermostat to turn on automatically after a while.

2. Improve your concentration

You can open your windows widely, letting the morning breeze in. You can benefit from a fresh morning breeze. It will boost your energy and improve your mood. Alongside coffee, it would be a great start to the day. It has been proven that breathing the morning breeze can help improve your focus and concentration, while fresh oxygen can help you purify your blood.

If you feel that your HVAC needs cleaning to operate even better call an HVAC technician.

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