3 Winter HVAC Tips and Facts

Should you want to keep your home warm this winter, just follow these tips.

1. Inspect your home for cracks

Maybe the most striking fact about insulation is that the length of cracks in your home can be up to half a mile long. Can you imagine the amount of heat leaving your home daily through all that cracks, not to mention an insanely steep energy bill? To avoid additional costs, insulate your home before winter comes.

2. Dirt and dust inspection

Did you know that only 0.042 inches of dust on a heating system can affect efficiency up to 20%? Regular cleaning can help you save on your energy bill, plus make your home warm and cozy.

3. Keep your furnaces strength

Did you know you should lower the heating temperature during winter to keep your unit from malfunctions? By decreasing the temperature by only 4 Fahrenheit from the usual will keep your HVAC system in a good shape
and you will still feel warm and comfortable.

Get ready for winter and be sure to do a closer inspection of your HVAC system as there might be things you are missing.

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