Prepare Your HVAC Unit For Bad Weather

Unfortunately, we are all aware of how bad weather can affect our homes. Floods, blizzards, rainstorms… They can cause a lot of damage.
That’s why we will share tips on preparing your HVAC system and avoid a great deal of trouble!

How To Protect HVAC From Bad Weather:

1. Cover the HVAC unit

Lay a cover over the unit as a storm can cause leaves, dirt, debris, and many more to impact it. They can enter the HVAC unit and cause unnecessary problems.

2. Prepare for power outages

It is best to unplug your HVAC unit if a severe thunderstorm is coming. Lightning and heavy winds are definitely not best friends with HVAC.

3. Inspect the HVAC unit afterward

For your safety and to preserve your HVAC, inspect the unit before plugging it back in and turning it on. Check the HVAC unit for any possible damages and if you spot any, contact an HVAC specialist immediately.

4. Check the placement of the unit

If your city is vulnerable to flooding and heavy rain, be sure to place the HVAC unit in an accurate position. If your HVAC unit is indoors, put it in the attic rather than the basement. Pay close attention if you are installing a new one as it needs to be installed above the usual flood line.

Stay safe during bad weather and make sure to follow all these steps to prevent any damages. If you need help from professionals, call us to schedule an appointment.

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