How to Quickly Check If Your HVAC System Is Clean

If you want to schedule an HVAC system cleaning service, but you don’t know if It’s time for it, we recommend you – do a quick check to be sure.

1. Take a pick through your vent covers

Dust, flakes, debris, and dirt tend to gather over time in your duct system. All it takes is to look into your ducts and see what they look inside. If there is dirt built up, it is time to call your local HVAC cleaning company.

2. Take a deep breath

Pay attention to indoor air. There shouldn’t be any unpleasant scent. If the air smells musty, it is a sign your HVAC needs cleaning.

3. The right temperature

You should always feel pleasant in your home. If you are freezing during winter and sweating over summer, it is a sign something is wrong with your HVAC. If that’s the case, call us to schedule a cleaning appointment at 888 666 3160.

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