Choosing an HVAC System For a Healthcare Facility

An HVAC system in a healthcare facility is more than just comfort for patients and employees. Hospitals need to have an efficient HVAC system to maintain good air quality and secure healthy, safe, and suitable indoor thermal conditions for the personnel and the patients.

When we are talking about healthcare facilities, HVAC maintenance is a must. Since the HVAC system operates 24/7, it is responsible for comfortable climate conditions, temperature and humidity control, and a clean, germ-free environment.Here are things that should be considered before installing an HVAC into a hospital.

Unique HVAC system

Since there are no two hospitals alike (different location, room layout, climate), each needs to have its specially designed HVAC system. All these affect the performance of the HVAC system that needs to ensure a perfectly healthy and safe environment.

Thermal Conditions

Healthcare facilities have patients that require a different range of temperature. Some need warmer, some brisk environments, and this should be taken into consideration when choosing thermostats.


Hospitals are places that need to be cleaner than any other place, especially emergency rooms. Air filters and air ducts should be inspected and replaced more often. By constantly monitoring indoor air quality, the healthcare facility will doubtlessly be a place with fresh and clean air.


As the hospital environment is sensitive, and HVAC contributes to the well-being of patients and prevents the spread of disease, be sure to call the experts to make sure the healthcare facility’s HVAC system is in top shape!

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