Pets and HVAC Energy Efficiency

Our little best friends often shed. They leave behind fur and dander that may impact your health, especially if you have allergies. Apart from your health, they can also affect your HVAC system.

Can your HVAC be energy efficient and pet-friendly?
Of course! Take a look at the following tips to ensure both!
Sure, regular dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning can help by keeping invisible air pollutants away from intake vents, but there are better solutions for improving indoor air quality.

1. Take care of your furry companions – regularly bathe and groom your pet to limit the amount of fur, hair, and dander dispersed throughout your indoor environment.

2. Clean filters – pet dander and fur tend to accumulate on the filters, which over time reduces the airflow. That is why we recommend changing HVAC filters every 30 days if you are a pet owner.

3. Get an air purifier – the most efficient air purifier is the one with a HEPA filter, so consider purchasing this one since it can remove up to 99% of pet dander from the indoor air.

Call HVAC Cleaning professional to ensure your heating and cooling unit is in top shape!

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