How to Reduce AC Costs for Small Businesses?

Have you noticed that your energy bills are higher during summertime? We might have a solution for that!
Find out how to reduce your cooling costs and keep the workspace comfortable and air-conditioned just the right way!

3 ways to reduce cooling costs

1. Check if doors and windows are sealed – this is the first thing you should do to ensure that the space is ready to be adequately air-conditioned. Also, try using curtains and blinds to shade the sunlight and reduce unwanted heat transfer.

2. Programmable thermostat – put the comfort of your small business on a schedule. While working, schedule your programmable thermostat to a comfortable temperature. Once you leave the workspace, schedule the thermostat to operate at a higher temperature to save money while you’re away.

3. Regularly maintain AC – don’t wait for the AC to break down. Give it preventative maintenance and extend the life of your system. Call us for help.

Now your employees and customers can enjoy it!

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