Reduce Cooling Costs In Summer

Keeping a home cool in the summer can be very challenging. That is why it is important to consider ways to reduce cooling costs, especially during hotter months.

Ideal Temperature

To stay comfortable and save money this summer, set your thermostat to 78F (26°C) when you are home and 88F (31°C) while you are away. This will help you not only reduce cooling costs but save energy as well!

Block the Sunlight

Direct sunlight entering your house can make the temperature inside uncomfortably warm. Hang up window curtains to prevent the heat from being an unwanted guest in all your rooms.

Limit the use of appliances

Appliances that generate heat, like the oven and stove, should not be used in the evening, trade in the slow cooker for a nice salad that you enjoy.

Lights Off

Even if they are environmentally friendly, light bulbs, unfortunately, give off heat. Turn on the lights when it’s necessary during the daytime, but there’s no real need for light bulbs until it gets late. By turning the lights off you will save money on the energy bills and also keep your house cool.

Filter Replacement

Change your HVAC filter at least every three months, if not every month, in the hottest and coldest seasons. If it’s been a while, it can accumulate with dust and dirt, reducing its airflow.

HVAC Maintenance

When your HVAC system is working harder, that means it’s using more energy, and your bill gets higher. Regular maintenance of your HVAC system can make it run more efficiently and provide more comfort to your home. You may also want to have a specialist check for holes or leaks in the ducts once a year.

Follow these simple tips and keep your home cool and comfortable all summer long!

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