HVAC in Subway Trains

No matter how punctual, comfortable, and fast subway transport is it tends to be overcrowded with thousands of commuters on a daily basis. To survive such a crowd, the HVAC in train is an absolute necessity. Not only that it regulates the average temperature in cars, making transportation comfortable but it comes with several other benefits.

1. Fresh air

HVAC introduces a huge amount of fresh air from the outside replacing the stuffy air from the carts. So the air isn’t recycled, it is completely new and fresh. Stale air is replaced every 4 to 5 minutes.

2. Eliminates smoke

If, God forbid, by a chance there is a fire in a cart. The HVAC system will minimize the spreading of smoke and increase the survival chances.

3. Durability

Do not worry about HVAC system malfunctions. They are possible by very rare. Some of the HAVC train units are tested to extremes. For example working without stopping for days, over a hundred days to be exact.

If you don’t believe us. Test it yourself. Take a ride.

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