Can You Believe What You Breathe?

Fresh air has higher levels of oxygen and lower levels of pollution as opposed to indoor air. Exposure to fresh air causes the blood vessels in the lungs to dilate, which improves body cleansing and helps us exchange gases more easily.

Take just one glimpse at your dirty HVAC filter

Indoor air can rarely be as healthy, clean, and rich in oxygen as the fresh outdoor air. Have you ever consider the quality of the indoor air? Can you believe what you breathe? All you need is to take just one glimpse at your dirty HVAC filter, and it will be clear to you that the air you breathe is filled with dust, dirt, and debris circling your home every day. A dirty HVAC filter will allow toxic particles to accumulate into your air duct system and distributed throughout your home into the air you breathe.

How can you make the indoor air as clean and healthy as the outdoor air?

Change your filter regularly. It is important to do so if you are prone to allergies or someone from your home suffers from asthma. The HVAC cleaning experts recommend changing your HVAC filters at least once in six months. While you are having your filter changed, you might consider having your ducts cleaned just to make sure you have done it all in your power to keep your home environment healthy.

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