The Best AC Setting for Summer

Feeling that hot weather yet? As temperatures get higher, make sure you have your home ready for long and hot summer – it’s just around the corner!

The Best AC Setting For Coolness And Energy Efficiency

Set Your AC At 25.5°

This is the ideal temperature – not too high not too low. It directly impacts energy efficiency – you can also save money and electricity!
It’s important to keep your home a comfortable place to be, not icy cold with the air conditioning running all the time.

Get A Little Help From Your Thermostat

A programmable or smart thermostat is great for regulating the air conditioning when you are not around.
It can raise the temperature a few degrees higher or lower it just in time, all based on your needs.

Keep The AC In Shape

If you regularly maintain your air filters, you help the system cool more efficiently. But if you want a thorough air conditioner tuneup – call the experts! At the same time, they can take care of any needed repairs.

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