Noise Down!

Air conditioners, in general, are not that noisy, but sometimes when they are, that noise can drive us crazy! Even though they are welcome during the summer, they are guilty of generating a lot of noise.

Extreme noise applies to some older models or indicates that something is not ok with your outdoor unit. That means it might need repair, so you have to call a professional to fix it.

When it comes to new models, they are kind of better insulated and a lot quieter. In the sea of improvements, there are variable speed blower fans as well. That all impact the overall noise of AC.

In other words, new AC will run slower what will logically make them quieter. But of course, before you decide to buy a new AC, you should consider soundproofing your current one.

1. Pick the best location for your AC

Placing it in the back of your house might be a good strategy. The further it is, the better for your ears!

2. Install a fence

The logic behind this tip is simple – make the fence high enough to cover your AC from all sides.

3. Enclose the air conditioner with lush greenery

That means to enclose the AC with a distance of at least 1-2 ft. These distances are better because noise isn’t hitting the fence directly.

4. Clean your air conditioner regularly and thoroughly

When it is about regular maintenance, make sure you chose the right company and service for your AC. Only then will you be sure that the airflow will be unhampered!

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