Top 3 Duct Cleaning Scams

There are many air duct cleaning companies whose goal is not to leave you a clean and healthy home but to scam you and take your money. That is why you should pay attention when you hire a company to clean your house.

What Are The Most Common Air Duct Cleaning Scams?

1. The Mold Inspection Scam

That is the most common of all scams in this profession. The cleaning job costs hundreds more for mold remediation. That is why they will tell you they have found it, no matter if mold is present or not. They even go as far as bringing mold samples with them to convince the customers.2. The Quick and Dirty Air Duct Scam

This company will come to your home and clean only the part of the air ducts you can see before quickly moving on to the next appointment. This scam is harmful to the duct systems and your health because it pushes the dust and debris further into the system, making it harder to reach.

3. The Upgrades For Additional Fees Scam

This company will perform minimal work, continually offering upgrades for additional fees. The result will be a messy home and an empty wallet.

Don’t be this naive! Learn how to avoid duct cleaning scams!

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