Keep Birds Away From Your AC

Spring is finally here! Flowers are blooming and birds begin their hunt for a place to nest.

Certain species such as sparrows and starlings tend to occupy places that they find suitable for their new home. They usually target vents like the dryer, stove, and bathroom exhausts found on the side of a house.

Can Birds Affect the Workings of an Air Conditioning System?

Yes. Even though we love them hanging around, our little friends can hurt themselves and seriously damage our HVAC system. What problems are we actually talking about?

They can:

  • choke the filters,
  • conk off a compressor,
  • peck off the insulation,
  • clog evaporator coils

Also, bird nesting materials carry the risk of fire hazards!

Be an early bird, call Lowe’s cleaning to install your Bird cover/cage.

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