Do Pets Love AC?

Not only our, but the life of our pets is also more comfortable during the hot or cold days thanks to an Air conditioner.
However, the most delicate question is if you should leave your pet alone in the apartment during such days? There are two answers to this question.

On the one hand, some people say: “These are animals, and they are used to extreme conditions.” On the other side are the vets. And these unwritten rules apply especially to the situation when temperatures are extremely high.

Animals cool off by panting – they expel warm air from their lungs and take in cooler, outside air. However, this is not possible when it is hot and humid, due to which the animals get tired much faster, and there is a risk of heatstroke.

When we domesticated these animals and made them pets, they lost the power to adapt to more extreme temperature conditions.

Both dogs and cats are at risk of heatstroke, although cats are a little more resistant. Dogs with shorter muzzles, such as pugs and bulldogs, are especially endangered because they have difficulty breathing.

Better care at higher temperatures is also required by animals with longer fur, older pets, fat, or sick, especially if they have a problem with the lungs or heart. Take care of your pets by leaving the AC on, but don’t forget that if AC is working all the time, it might need cleaning more often. Schedule cleaning now and let the professionals maintain your AC system!

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