Keeping Your Air Duct Clean is Essential To Your Health

The biggest problem with poor home air quality is the risk it poses to your health. There are some common symptoms that, depending on the state of your individual health and the number of pollutants, you’ll experience. Bad air can trigger coughing, chest tightness, sore throat, watery or itchy eyes, shortness of breath, and even a full-blown asthma attack. Over time, pollution can cause permanent damage to the lungs.You take care of your home, so how on earth does the air become polluted? There are potential sources of air pollution in just about every room of your house. Those can include:

Indoor environment – inadequate temperature, humidity, smoke, pets, poor air circulation, ventilation system issues.
Indoor air contaminants – chemicals, dust, molds or fungi, bacteria, gases, vapors, odors.
Insufficient outdoor air intake.

Poor indoor air quality can go easily undetected, yet it can be easily resolved with regular maintenance of your air ducts. Lowe’s certified technicians use 3-stage HEPA Filtration to ensure high indoor air quality for you and your family. For bacteria, allergens, pollen, mildew, fungi, and algae, Lowe’s uses EnviroCON which is the easiest, safest, and most effective product in the industry. At Lowe’s air ducts we offer you a water-resistant High-tech video camera system available for inspecting the ducts. The Camera shows you the before and after pictures of air ducts so you can see for yourself Lowe’s cleaning efficiency.

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