Safety Tips for HVAC: Christmas

We can already feel the Christmas spirit as all of our rooms are fully decorated! Of course, thanks to the HVAC system your home is a warm and cozy place, so let’s ensure that it’s working perfectly!

Don’t Cover Your Air Vent and Thermostat

With all those presents and decorations taking space in the room we are not aware of the fact that they can block the proper airflow and also increase utility bills when placed near or in front of your vent. Also, don’t cover your thermostat with Christmas decorations as it may not be able to read the temperature accurately.

Keep the Flammable Items Away

Be cautious about where you place the paper or fabric as they present a potential fire hazard when found near heat-generating appliances.

Check Your Outdoor Unit

Always be sure that your outdoor unit is working properly. Inspect it for possible icing and clear out the debris that may surround it.

Schedule Your HVAC Appointment

Holidays are on their way, so contact your trusted HVAC technician to make sure your HVAC system is running smoothly or needs a repair!

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