Two of the Most Common HVAC Mistakes

Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system is one of the most valuable assets of your home. If you maintain it regularly, you get to enjoy the benefits from the comfort of your home. If not, you can expect problems that will eventually cost you money and your well-being.

What are the common HVAC mistakes to avoid to keep enjoying the convenience of your home?

1. Ignoring strange sounds

If you have noticed strange sounds coming from your HVAC system, please, do not wait for a long until you call your local HVAC technician. It could be just anything, from the leaky refrigerant, high compressor pressure, thermostat problem, loose motor part, to dirt and debris jammed in vents, compressor problem, or bed belt.

2. Cleaning HVAC system on your own

Usually, people use whatever cleaning aid that comes to their hands. Sometimes the cleaning chemicals contain strong abrasive substances that can bring immense damage to your HVAC system. It would be the best to clean it just with the warm water and the clean cloth or better yet call the professional. Also, when replacing filters after cleaning, the common mistake is to use one that is too thick and can block the airflow.

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