Is HVAC System Recyclable?

Since we live in an overpopulated world, we are facing many problems such as poverty, hunger, soil, water, and air pollution. If we want to live in a better world, our objectives should be leaning toward environmental protection. The truth is, we can make a difference. There is a list of things we can do to save our planet.

Plant a tree
Shop Wisely
Bike More

We suggest to making recycling your priority

Luckily, many of us made recycling into a daily routine. We used to separate recyclable waste into different colored bins, but what about non-recyclable waste, or that time when it can’t fit the recycle bin?
For example, what to do with the obsolete HVAC system?

Can You Recycle HVAC System?

Yes, absolutely. Your HVAC system is recyclable. The only problem is you can’t just leave it out for trash collection. Calling a licensed, responsible HVAC company is so much you can do. They should take care of it. Dismantling the obsolete HVAC system is very important because all the materials should be separated into recyclable and non-recyclable. Also, managing the refrigerant is important because it is an ozone-depleting substance. By properly handling the Freon, we are protecting our health and environment.

Recyclable HVAC system parts

All the parts made of metal, copper, and brass are recyclable. For example:

Non-recyclable HVAC system parts

-flex ducts

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