Indoor Plants, Natural HVAC Systems

Plants are extremely important for air quality. They convert carbon dioxide, water, and minerals into oxygen and energy-rich compounds. So, keeping indoor plants would be a great idea for indoor air quality as well.

Before you decide to buy a plant, you should carefully consider which type of plant is the best for your apartment and the typical climate of your region.

Wisely chosen plants, along with your HVAC system, can do much for the healthy breathing environment of your home. Plants are natural air filters, which will additionally help to purify the air. Being in a room full of plants will give you a cooling sensation. You wouldn’t have to turn your cooling system that often, which will bring you savings on your energy bill.

Few things you should consider if you decide to have a houseplant

1. Watering

Too much watering promotes air humidity, which isn’t healthy neither for you nor your plants. Ask around how much water is just right for your plant.

2. Placing of plant

Some plants prefer being in sunlight others prefer shadow. No matter about preferences, make sure you place them in a room you don’t sleep in.

3.Types of plants

The best choice would be the plants that are easy to care for, such as Chinese Evergreen, Fiddle Leaf Fig, Yucca, or Dragon Tree.

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