How To Use Air Conditioning Properly?

The summer months are hard to handle without air conditioning. However, we should use the air conditioner properly from setup to turning it on.

Where to place the air conditioner?

Special attention should be paid to where you place the device in the home. It should not be turned so that it blows directly towards the place where people most often gather (seating, dining table), because it can cause headaches, muscle inflammation, runny nose, and watery eyes.

How to use it?

Don’t forget that a person can experience temperature shocks if he does not use the device properly. So set it five to eight degrees lower than the outside temperature. Avoid being directly hit by cold air if you don’t want neck and back problems.How to clean it?

You can get AC cleaning products, mainly sprays which clean the device from bacteria, and at the same time disinfect it. You should use these means carefully and strictly according to the instructions because that is the only way it will be effective. Carefully wash the outer and easily accessible inner plastic parts with lukewarm water, in which you have dissolved some cleaning agent. But the only way to be sure your air conditioner is thoroughly cleaned is to call the professional HVAC cleaning company and schedule a regular maintenance appointment with your local AC cleaning technician.

How often should you clean it?

It is mandatory to clean your HVAC system once a year, and for that, the recommendation is late spring or early summer. But it would be optimal to clean it once in 6 months.

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