Godzilla Dust Cloud

Saharan dust is a mixture of sand and dust from the Sahara, the vast desert area that covers most of North Africa. Meteorologists say that June and July are the peak months for Saharan dust storms to affect the tropical Atlantic.

The cloud, about the size of the entire continent, is coming to the US and is expected to produce a light coating of red-brown dust on vehicles from Florida to Texas. This dust storm is an impressive one, with a much larger areal extent than average.The bad news is that the dust will reduce air quality.

Air pollution transport models are indicating that the dust will still be very concentrated when it reaches the U.S., and many locations in Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana likely will experience an AQI in the orange “Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups” or red “Unhealthy” range.

People who suffer from respiratory issues should limit their time outdoors since the weather situation could worsen their symptoms, such as shortness of breath and wheezing.

Experts warn people to stay indoors and use clean air filters if they have one. It is important to protect yourself from any harmful substances and make sure your home has good air quality.

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