Pollen Counts in Boston

The immune reaction is a response that occurs when an organism defends itself from foreign invaders. The most common foreign invaders are bacteriae and viruses. Thanks to the immune system, we can mobilize a response to an invading pathogen. But, for people with allergies, the immune system works too hard, even when relatively harmless substances are present, pollen for example.

If you live in Boston and you suffer from pollen allergies, here is pollen forecast and some advice on how to prevail the pollen allergy since we are deep into pollen season.

Pollen forecast for Boston shows that pollen levels are somewhere in the middle. Top allergens are pollen from grasses, oak, and dock. The number of grains of pollen hasn’t yet reached the critical levels. Based on the latest measurement in Boston, a forecast shows that pollen levels will not increase for at least another week. So, if you suffer from severe allergic reactions, there is still time to plan your outdoor activities.

As for the precautions, we advise you to

1. Keep monitor pollen counts for Boston
2. Change clothes when you come from being outside
3. Keep your doors and windows closed
4. Schedule a vent cleaning, since pollen grains can easily get into your vent system

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