How to Keep Cool Without Air Conditioning?

If your air conditioning is broken and you are facing a hot spring and summer days, you are going to be wondering how to keep cool without it. There are, of course, a number of ways to keep cool, and they are all improvising.

1. Improvising

Improvising is quick and easy but not so efficient way to keep cool. Here’s what you can do:

– install a ceiling fan and let it run even when you’re away.

– turn off the lights that are not in use to reduce the heat, also, unplug the TV, battery chargers, computers…

– draw curtains and blinds, close shutters, keep rooms in shade during the day.

– keep the windows closed when it is hot.

– drink a lot of water.2. The safe and efficient way to keep cool

When improvising doesn’t help, and you really want to keep cool, the only way is to fix your HVAC system.

– If your HVAC system needs repair, call the professional to fix it. Whether it is a minor or major problem, the professional technician always has the right tool, skills, and solutions for fixing it.

Call the professional HVAC cleaning company and schedule a regular maintenance appointment with your local AC cleaning technician. Restoring and cleaning your ducts, changing filters will give your HVAC system a fresh start. Routine inspection and cleaning of your unit are extremely important. It will ensure your HVAC efficiency so that you would not have to worry about it for at least the next six months.

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