When HVAC Shopping

If you have decided to go for a spring HVAC shopping, we have assembled an HVAC buying guide for you.

First, you have to learn basic terminology. For example:
1.HSFP – Heating Seasonal Performance Factor
2.SEER – Seasonal Efficiency Ratio
3.AFUE – Average Fuel Utilization Efficiency

To buy the HVAC system that will determine your home comfort for at least 15 years, you should consider all three factors listed above. It can cut your energy bills. Patience is also very important. Look for all the options, ask all the questions.

1.Price factor
There are initial costs when buying an HVAC unit and, of course, utility bills. You have to find the perfect balance between those two.  Sometimes, it pays off more if the initial cost is higher, it usually indicates that the unit has higher efficiency which will save you the money on utility bills.

2.Size of the unit
If the HVAC system is too big, you will end up wasting money, if it is too small, you would not get enough energy to cool or warm the air. Find the perfect size based on the square footage of your home.

3.The contractor
Ask for the online recommendations and testimonials to find the perfect contractor. A good HVAC contractor will provide you not only with good service but with all the necessary questions you need to know about the efficiency.

You will also need to take care of your HVAC unit to breathe fresh air and reduce energy costs. The best way to do so is to schedule your regular vent cleaning appointment.

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