How to childproof your HVAC?

Once the babies outgrow their cribs, it is time for them to transfer to bed. Besides growing bigger they also tend to become more curious, which is completely understandable. There are a lot of things that draw a kid’s attention around the house. Some of them are AC units, floor registers, and outside units. It is vital to keep your child safe from those things, that is why childproofing is so important.

To understand the danger, you should observe those things from the child’s perspective. A lot of blinking lights, buttons, shiny surfaces,  gaps, and cracks are super exciting and invite to a child play.

Flour registers

For example, when it comes to flour register, they are perfect for sticking fingers and all sorts of tiny toys through it. While playing with it, kids can get badly cut. The best way to childproof it is to put a big piece of furniture to cover it, but not to close because it would prevent the air circulation. Also you can nail it or screw it down to prevent lifting of registers. Plastic registers are the best because they aren’t too sharp.

Air Conditioning

If the kid came across the remote, it is a never-ending play. All those buttons are very interesting for a toddler. Pressing the random buttons can cause changes in temperature, which can influence a child’s health. Also, playing with the AC can damage it. The best way to childproof the airconditioning is to hide the remote or o install some kind of cover for the AC display.

Outside Unit

If you have the outside unit, the best way to childproof it is to build a fence around it. Not only that it would be safe, but it also looks very nice.

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