Where is HVAC Filter Located?

Believe it or not, this is the most commonly asked question on the web. We have already talked about filter importance. It has two very meaningful purposes: to protect the system from malfunctions and to keep the indoor air quality at the highest level. Therefore, changing the filter is essential. You can do it yourself, or you can contact your local air duct cleaning company and rest assured you are breathing clean air.

Nevertheless, it is good to know where your HVAC filter is placed.

Every HVAC unit has one filter. Sometimes it is hard to locate it, sometimes it’s not.

1. Return register
The usual position of the filter is right behind the air grills on the return air duct. This position allows the filter to clean the air from your home before it enters the ducts and returns back into the room. But where is the return air duct placed? It is usually placed on a top or a bottom of the wall, somewhere in the corner. Sometimes it is blocked by a piece of furniture or drapes, which can affect the HVAC efficiency. If that’s the case, you better move your furniture. Also, the register can be placed on the floor. In that case, you better don’t cover it with carpet.

2. Air handlers
Filters can also be attached to air handlers on the side, on the top or below the air handler, depends on the model. Air handlers are usually placed at the attics or in basements.

If you can’t locate the filter, it’s for the best to call the local air duct cleaning. You never know what problem you might stumble on while changing the filter. Sometimes it’s a pile of dust, but sometimes the problem can be much bigger. For example, there can be water around the air handler or a clogged or leaky pipe or unpleasant surprises such as pests or mildew.

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