How To Fight Indoor Humidity in West Palm Beach

It is well known that inner areas of the country have less humidity than any coastal regions. West Palm Beach, Florida has a subtropical climate with an average annual relative humidity of 83% in the morning and 63% in the afternoon. Compare that to Oklahoma’s average figures, for an example and you will get the clear picture on what we are talking about.

Humidity can be unpleasant and it does find it’s way inside. If you left your HVAC equipment off and the windows slightly open during a vacation, you’d probably be surprised when you enter the room. The ceiling texture would most likely start to peel off and everything would be covered in beads of moisture. High levels of humidity can cause so many problems and the fact is, that it is impossible to completely avoid it. I mean, there will be humidity indoors when you live in a subtropical climate, it is what it is.

But here are some ways to decrease the level of humidity inside your home:Humidifier – Dehumidifier Combination System
The reason you need a combo unit, not just a dehumidifier is that the air can get too dry when the HVAC system is operating. Dry air can cause problems like dry skin, sinus infections, and allergies. It can also affect the woodwork in your home. On the other hand, humidity can cause several breathing problems and chest infections. So this is the perfect way to keep the healthy balance.

Ceiling Fans
If you don’t have a humidification system installed, you should use some of the ceiling fans if you have them, or get a few room fans. Make sure you place them around the place and keep them running on low so that way the humidity would dry out. If any of the fans is pointed to thermostat, the reading might not be accurate.

Home Moisture Absorbers
There are products available which can absorb moisture in different sized spaces. Large high-capacity absorbers can be placed in large rooms and wider spaces. Smaller container are great for the bathrooms – where a lot of humidity is created.

Proper Ventilation
Your home’s washer and dryer should be well ventilated. Be sure that the dryer vent has no leaks and is properly fitted to the back of the dryer and wall. Get your ventilation checked by a professional if you have any doubts.

Proper Sealing and Caulking
Drafty doors and windows with old sealant will most definitely allow humidity to get in. Thoroughly check if the caulking is well done along the doors, windows and woodwork of the exterior of the house. Check if it is still flexible and covering all the cracks. Check if your windows are properly sealed.

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