Vacation Ready HVAC System

The official holiday season has begun. This means many of us are planning exotic getaway we’ve been saving for or just a short trip out of town. As a responsible homeowner, you need to make sure that everything is in perfect order before heading for a carefree holiday.

The HVAC system keeps the environment of your home stable while you are away, so it would be smart to make sure it is in good condition before you leave your home.

What you should do before you pack your bags and leave your everyday worries aside. Here are a few tips:Consider a Check-Up – if it has been a while since a professional inspected your system, it is a good idea to schedule one ASAP. It is better to invest in check-ups now than repairs later!

Check the Outdoor Unit – Clear out any debris you might find. Clogging might lead to reduced airflow, which can cause problems like a frozen air conditioner or flooding of the system. Clear your yard so in case of a storm nothing can harm your outdoor unit.

Change the Filter – Dirty filter is the cause of so many HVAC problems. Consider changing it, in case you haven’t done it in the past 30 days.

Don’t Turn It Off Completely – If you don’t want to turn off your HVAC system completely, adjust it to a stable temperature and humidity level to protect furnishings in your home. Stable temperature saves flooring, especially hardwood.

Protect Your HVAC from Power Surges – To protect all the electrical systems in your home, including your air conditioner, you should have a home surge protector. If you don’t have it, make sure you contact your local HVAC pro to see about having surge protection installed.

Not all surprises are good ones. Right? 

Remember: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So, before you go, have a professional do a thorough check-up, to make sure your system is in good shape. 

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