Prepare for The Winter With Energy Saving Apps

Winter is coming. Is your HVAC system ready to handle this year’s snow-fall? If you have done all to prepare your unit for winter, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in the middle of a snowstorm without heating. Just turn up the heat and enjoy the comfort of your cozy and warm home.

It would be more comfortable if you wouldn’t have to worry about your energy bill. Now you don’t have to. We present you with 5 most efficient energy-saving apps.

1.Energy Tracker
With this app, you can save your meter readings from anywhere. It can manage and evaluate meter readings to record your electricity consumption and then it creates a report with saving potential.

2.Energy Cost Calculator
Calculations have never been so easy. With this app, you can calculate the amount of energy your home or office consumes. You can do the math for a day, month or year and save on a budget.

3.Wiser EMS
Wiser Energy Management System translates your energy usage data into a user-friendly format which helps you save your money.

4.Kill Ur Watts
This app is designed to show you pinpoint energy costs including pointers for reducing your carbon footprint. How cool is that?

5.Nest Mobile
With this app, you can change temperature settings from your smart device no matter where you are. The thermostat learning system adapts to temperatures according to time of day and season.

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