Ozone Pollution in Wisconsin

Ozone is a translucent gas that can be both good and bad, depends where it is found. For example, if it is a part of an Ozone layer than it is very useful since it protects us from the harmful UV radiation. But if we speak about ground-level ozone, then it is very bad because it can trigger several health problems.

Ground-level ozone pollution is much more dangerous than particle air polluted air since it can cause airways to constrict which leads to shortness of breath, pain in the chest, asthma, bronchitis…There are 72 counties in Wisconsin. Did you know that 8 of them are rated F for ozone air quality by the American Lung Association? Those counties are Door, Manitowoc, Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Kenosha, Rock, Walworth and Sheboygan.

There are plenty of things to do to avoid breathing ground-level ozone:

1. Spend more time in nature, away from the city.
2. Follow the air quality reports, avoid going outside when the ground-level ozone is high.
3. Invest in an HVAC maintenance, three-stage HEPA filtration, change filters regularly to prevent ground-level ozone from entering your home.

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