End of Summer A/C Maintenance

Your air conditioner has worked hard to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the summer season. Now it’s time to return the favor to your cooling unit by doing some maintenance tasks. These simple maintenance tips will be a treat for your AC, and ensure that it will be there for you again next season.Stop using our air conditioner so much. With the weather cooling off now, you might not need to keep the thermostat quite so low. Less use will give your HVAC system a necessary break after being overworked the last few months.

Get your AC unit a professional check-up before fall. Preventative maintenance is the single most important factor when it comes to keeping your system ready for the seasons ahead.

Time to Say Goodbye. Sometimes in order to save the most on your electricity and to maintain your unit, the unit should be replaced. Every twelve years, you should consider investing in a new unit, one with a higher star central air conditioning system.

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