Healthy Kid Environment

Kids are truly fragile beings. Since they are in the developing stage, their immune system is not yet fully formed. They require energy, exercise, and clean environment to grow fully strong. Scientists discovered that air pollution affects children in a  uniquely damaging way. Nowadays the situation with  air cleanliness has been dramatically changed.

There are many definitions of clean air. The quality of it depends on different factors such as traffic exhaust and industries. Often the indoor air is much more polluted than the outdoor air because it’s composed of dander, pollen and biological particles that can put anyone at risk. So what are the precautions you should take to create a healthy environment and keep your child’s health.

-Install the air conditioner in your child’s room and make sure that you are changing filter regularly since it removes all pollutants. This will reduce the chance for your kid to catch airborne  diseases.

-Also, the cooler temperatures will bring comfort which is a major stress reliever.

-A very little known fact is that A/C keeps insects, pet ticks and fleas away.

-If you set the temperature between 65 an 75 degrees, there is a better chance for your kid’s good night sleep.

The air conditioning units could be found at very affordable prices, they are easy to install and use. Also, A/C doesn’t have a side effect comparing to central air conditioning.

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