HVAC Silencers

There are many noises your HVAC system can produce, some of them are popping, rattling, thumping, clanking, banging, clicking, hissing, screeching, buzzing, rumbling… An HVAC noise may simply indicate that maintenance is needed, or call for the replacement or repair of parts.

So many noises but not all of them mean that something is wrong with your air conditioning. Sometimes the equipment has been installed in too small a space, causing a sound to reverberate, or insecure fixings cause vibration, resulting in noise. The operation of fans to cool sensitive equipment and drops in air pressure can all cause noise, as can the operation of equipment being used on a factory floor.

Never the less, noises are irritating, especially when it comes to good night sleep. There is a simple and practical solution to this problem and it comes in a form of duct or HVAC silencer.

When sound waves meet the HVAC silencer, the perforations inside it allow the waves to fill the acoustic media inside the fitting. This acoustic media or “baffle” is usually composed of millions of tiny air pockets but can also be fiber. Its thickness varies according to the frequency of the sound being controlled.

Silencers are available in multiple forms to fit ducting or noisy HVAC equipment. They are made to fit cylindrical or rectangular forms and the most common types are:

  • Film-lined
  • Dissipative
  • Reactive
  • Moldblock and
  • Other forms

If you aren’t sure what type of silencer is suitable for your HVAC system, the best thing you should do is ask your local air duct cleaning company.

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