Air Duct Cleaning Procedure

Are you having problems with your HVAC system? The air ducts of your HVAC are clogged and full of dirt and debris? You are determined to get an air duct cleaning service, but don’t know what to expect? Since we are well aware that most of the people would answer “yes” to previous questions, we decided to present to you 5 main steps of every air duct cleaning procedure.

1. Professional team
The precondition of a successful air duct cleaning service is a team of trained HVAC professionals. Lowe’s technicians are experienced, fully trained, motivated, and eager to get the job done!

2. Vacuuming
This is the first major step of a cleaning process. Technicians will hook up the vacuum hose from the truck to the ductwork of your furnace. By applying the negative pressure, the hose will remove all dirt and debris from the air ducts.

3. Cold Air Return System
When they finish with vacuuming, our team of professionals will begin the process of cleaning the cold air returns. This part of the HVAC system always contains the largest amounts of dirt and debris.

4. Sanitization and odor removal
After the cleaning procedure, our technicians will spray the ductwork with an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal wash in order to sanitize it. This will also remove the unpleasant smells that might have been spreading around your HVAC.

5. All done
To conclude the procedure, our cleaning team will carefully return everything to its proper place: they will screw all the vents back, seal off your furnace and turn it on.

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