Prepare Your HVAC System for Boston Storms

Due to the proximity of the Atlantic Ocean, Massachusetts is vulnerable to hurricanes, nor’easters, and tropical storms. Severe storms with heavy rain and damaging winds usually occur in the late spring and, according to the long-term weather forecast, this May should be no different. Effective preparedness for severe weather should, among other things, include HVAC preventive maintenance. In order to avoid serious HVAC damages that could require extensive repairs, follow these simple steps.

1. Cover the outdoor unit

Every HVAC system has an outdoor component, that is exposed to wind blows and lightning strikes. That’s why the first rule of HVAC preparedness is to cover the outdoor component. In addition, you could try to clear out the area around your unit and eliminate the debris that could blow into the system.

2. Turn your HVAC system off

In order to avoid potential power surges, turn your HVAC system off. This tip doesn’t apply exclusively to the HVAC system – to protect your electrical appliances, unplug everything before the storm hits.

3. After-storm inspection

When the storm subsides, perform a thorough visual inspection of your HVAC system. First, go outside and make sure that your HVAC isn’t surrounded by water. Second, see if there are debris stuck in the outdoor component of the HVAC. If you notice that your HVAC is heavily clogged, call our professional HVAC cleaning team in Boston.

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