Air Conditioning Systems in Florida

The climate has always been Florida’s most important natural resource, which is reflected in its  official nickname, the “Sunshine State.” Summers throughout the state are long, very warm, and fairly humid.

The human body temperature rises dangerously when hot days combine with high relative humidity because perspiration cannot evaporate and cool the body. That’s the reason why more than 85% of Floridians use a central air-conditioning system.

A central air conditioner can be a split-system unit, packaged unit, mini-split AC system, and window air conditioners.

Split-system unit

Split-system units are easy to install, almost all the work is done outside your home. It is energy efficient and the most common type of air conditioning in Florida.

Packaged AC unit

Packaged AC units are suitable for limited spaces. Only one unit contains the evaporator,  condenser, blower, and compressor.

Ductless system or mini-split AC system

A ductless system is very popular in Floridian homes without ductwork and in smaller apartments.

Window air conditioners

A window AC is most effectively used to cool single rooms. While they cost only a fraction of what a central AC unit would cost, in Florida it will likely take a central AC system to cool an entire house.

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