The Internet of Things: Next Generation HVAC

If you have been following the tech news even a little bit over the last few years, you’ve heard of the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things, or IoT, refers to the billions of physical devices around the world that are now connected to the internet, collecting and sharing data. Thanks to wireless networks, any stand-alone internet-connected device that can be monitored and/or controlled from a remote location is considered an IoT device.HVAC controls have been a key focus of the Smart Home market. Over the last decade, HVAC systems have been undergoing serious changes again in advance of the Internet of Things revolution. Here are some of the advantages of using the Internet of Things in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning:Even if you are thousands of miles away from your home, you can still control and monitor the cooling or heating systems through the internet.Equipment maintenance has been an obvious area for IoT connection. Platform can detect the slightest changes and help in making informed, accurate and efficient maintenance decisions.HVAC units and buildings outfitted with smart, connected sensors simultaneously track both external sources and interior performance to optimize efficiency.IoT not only makes HVAC equipment easier to manage, but also provides manufacturers with data that they can leverage to develop better products.

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